Is Your Company Paying Competitively For Top-Tier Talent?

2019 Compensation and Benefits Guide – Your Essential Tool in Becoming a Destination Employer

Do you know what the average salary is for the management position you are trying to fill?
How can you ensure that you are offering competitive benefits to attract the best candidates?

The most recent document put out by Horizon Hospitality, the 2019 Compensation and Benefits Guide, contains a wealth of knowledge to give you a leg up in the hiring process. Here is a brief overview of what you will find:

Compensation Standards – Each sector of the Hospitality industry has its own pay range for various positions, taking an operation’s annual revenue into account. By referencing these standards, and factoring in a location’s cost of living, employers can understand if they are offering enough to attract qualified candidates. Knowing the industry standards can also help retain top employees when it comes time to negotiate raises.

Industry Trends – As millennial’s become the most dominate generation in the consumer market, customer demands are shifting. To effectively accommodate these needs, hospitality businesses must know what skills to train and hire for. Millennial’s also now make up the largest percentage of the employment pool. In order to attract top professionals, companies must align the benefits they offer with employee priorities.

Legal Updates – Employment policies and laws are often changing, and staying on top of them can help a business stay out of legal trouble.

The tools provided in the 2019 Compensation & Benefits Guide are essential to businesses wishing to become a destination employer within the Hospitality Industry. At Horizon Hospitality, we are your partners in the search process. We provide transparency and candor while offering a collaborative, consultative and strategic approach to hiring. We are fully invested in your long-term success!

To Hiring Managers:
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