How Can You Bring Previous Customers Back to Your Hotel?


Existing customers spend 67 percent more than new customers. How can you inspire them to return? Customers who have visited your hotel before know what to expect. Hopefully, they were happy with their last stay. Considering that most people are risk-averse, if you please them once, they know they can count on you to treat them well again. This gives you a significant advantage. But how can you stay top of mind next time they are ready to book a trip?

Solicit Feedback

Look for input after their stay. Find out if they were happy with their visit. Ask what you did right and what you did wrong. If they were dissatisfied, find a way to correct whatever went wrong. Most people will forgive mistakes if they feel heard and know their concerns are taken seriously. Acknowledge the issue, tell them what steps will be taken to resolve it and offer a token for their inconvenience such as a gift card.

Collect Email Addresses

Send a post-visit email to let recent guests know you appreciate their business. Offer them a discount on their next visit. If they are not currently part of any loyalty club you may offer, advise them on how to sign up. Maybe give them the inside scoop on when your off season is so they can plan around it. If they feel like an insider, they are more likely to want to return.

Reward Referrals

Many hotels have loyalty programs, but have you considered a referral program — one where customers are rewarded by referring friends and family to your hotel. This is a creative way to reward loyalty while bringing new guests to your hotel.

Go Above and Beyond

Review their last visit to see what they enjoyed last time and use this information to make their next visit more attractive. Did they request additional towels? Make sure additional towels are waiting for them. Did they dine in the hotel? Offer a discount for your in-house restaurant. The important thing is to make them feel valued as individuals. By individualizing perks to apply to them specifically, travelers will feel like part of the family. Keep in mind that business travelers and vacationers have different priorities and adjust your reward system accordingly.

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