Using Automation Results in Better Candidates because of a Better Job Search Experience


You know that automation offers distinct advantages for your organization when hiring. Do you ever wonder if it offers similar benefits for candidates? It can, when employed correctly. You can keep desirable prospects engaged, remain top of mind among passive candidates and generally show people your hotel or restaurant is a great place to work.

Increase Brand Engagement

Use a social sharing program such as Hootsuite to schedule posts to a wide range of social media platforms. This makes it easier for job seekers to see which employers are the right fit for them by truly understanding the brand and all it has to offer. Share content that positions you as an awesome place to work by including company videos, blogs, eBooks or testimonials.

Share Information

Chatbots can keep prospects engaged by quickly responding to simple questions throughout the hiring process. This satisfies the candidate because they can get answers around the clock and it frees your recruiters to work on more strategic tasks.

Send Job Alerts

Giving candidates the opportunity to sign up for personalized job alerts is a win for you and them. You can target your search to the most qualified individuals, and they get first crack at jobs that are likely to suit them best.

Improve Communication

Automation can create a personalized email or text response to each candidate inquiry. Whether they are applying for a job or following up, it’s easier for them to know what next steps to expect. Too often job seekers apply and don’t know if the application has been received, whether they are under consideration or if the position is still open. In a tight talent market, why not use every opportunity to give candidates the warm fuzzies?

Keep Up to Date

Use automation to provide status reports to candidates to let them know where they are in the hiring process. If your process is long or complex, you can lose good candidates along the way if they have no idea where they are in the process or whether they have been eliminated. Silence on your part may lead them to call to follow up or more likely to assume they are not under consideration and move onto the next opportunity.

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