Predictive Food Ordering – Saves Time and Money for Restaurants

Looking for a way to reduce waste and control food costs? Predictive ordering may be the answer for your business. This technology enables you to anticipate, through assessing sales and ordering history, the perfect balance of food inventory. Predictive ordering ensures you always have the correct amount of food on hand no matter how much your needs may vary from week to week.

Keeping optimal inventory levels means less spoilage, lower carrying costs, less inventory to track and less space required to store the food.

All of this is possible through predictive ordering which can:

  • Prevent over-ordering caused by fear of shortages.
  • Base orders on actual history, rather than memory, which is not always accurate.
  • Prevent losing track of items that are not ordered frequently.
  • Reduce the need and expense of last-minute dashes to the grocery store to purchase forgotten items.
  • Reduce the time spent creating orders, freeing time to focus on other tasks.
  • Transmit orders digitally, reducing errors and saving time.
  • Track demand spikes caused by events, holidays and other factors

Managers are often frustrated by the amount of time that goes into inventorying and ordering stock. Predictive ordering makes this a much more efficient process that takes less time and generates better results.

Predictive ordering has been identified as one of the top restaurant trends for 2019. While the technology is not new, restaurants are increasingly adopting it as they see the time and money they can save. Restaurants that have already adopted predictive ordering report it increases profitability while reducing stress.

As restaurant management becomes increasingly high tech, it becomes even more important the people you hire are experienced and up-to-date on the latest technologies and best practices. That’s why you should partner with a firm that specializes in restaurant recruitment.

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