Programmatic Advertising – How Can It Help You Get Your Hotel to the Websites Your Guests Are Spending Time


As a hotel professional, you understand the importance of advertising to keep rooms filled, but how can you make sure your advertising efforts appear in front of the right people at the right time. What measures must you take to ensure you get the most out of your advertising spend?

Programmatic advertising

This form of digital advertising uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to look at data and make decisions on where to place your advertisements. This can ensure your ads appear on websites where your audience is spending time and the places where you get the best results.

Whereas you once needed to place advertising based on your best guess, programmatic puts your ads where they have proven successful and place them for as long as you choose.

Manage demand

Programmatic will automatically shift your advertising to where it’s needed most, based on parameters you set up. It can control costs by identifying the sweet spot between delivering ads when they will be most relevant and avoiding the most expensive times to show them.

Target precisely

Distinguish between business and vacation travelers. By segmenting your audience, you can more precisely target your advertising. Then you can, for example, serve ads to vacations that tout all the fun things to do near your hotel, while your business travelers see how easy it is to get to the airport or book meeting rooms.

Predict behavior

Personalize advertisement based on what guests may have clicked on or searched so the advertising they see is customized to preferences they indicate or is revealed through search patterns or loyalty program data.

Control the narrative

By capping the frequency or number of ads that are served, you can ensure your ad is viewed enough to make an impact without becoming annoying. Studies have shown that consumers prefer seeing advertising that is relevant to their interests, but there is a saturation point at which ads become annoying rather than informative.

Get personal

Done right, programmatic advertising can make sure guests feel they are understood by serving ads that match their interests. This can build customer loyalty and increase the number of repeat visits you see.

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