Is Your Restaurant Using Automation in Every Possible Way to Improve Efficiency?


As budgets get tighter and the demand for talent grows, restaurants must learn to do more with less. One of the means to achieve this is through the use of automation. Consider how you can employ automation to make your restaurant more efficient and profitable.

Reservation manager

Digital reservation management systems may be one of the most valuable innovations to the restaurant industry. It’s rare to find a restaurant still trying to juggle a pen and paper reservation system. If you’re still doing so, it may be time to consider digital options. Reservation management systems offer advantages for your business and your customers. They can optimize your space, so tables stay full and diners don’t have to suffer long wait times.

Optimized staff scheduling

The right scheduling app can be a boon for restaurant managers. Not only will it help you generate schedules based on anticipated busy periods and staff availability, it will allow your workers to manage their schedules on the fly. There’s no missing a shift because they forgot to write it down if it’s available 24/7 on their mobile phone. They can also swap shifts, manage availability and request time off with just a few clicks.

Track and purchase inventory

Electronic inventory systems allow you to manage the freshness and quantity of perishables, preventing waste and shrink. By analyzing recipe and POS data, the system can calculate how much inventory to keep on hand based on demand. This inventory system can link to an automated purchasing system that will manage fill levels of regularly stocked items. The system can tell you when to order and how much, vendor lead times, forecasted sales, and your own customized preferred stock levels.

Tabletop tablets or kiosks

These all-in-one POS systems allow customers to check out the menu, customize their orders and pay for their meals right at the table. While server interaction is essential as well, desktop kiosks prevent excessive wait time when diners are ready to place their orders or pay their bills. The systems can also promote specials or add-ons right at the table.

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