Recruitment Marketing – Playing the Long Game Pays off in the Long Run


In recruiting full-time six-figure or even C-Suite employees, what is the image your company presents online? How much control do you have over company brand and recruitment? The restaurant and hotel industry is volatile, but you can’t just wait around for your dream executive to become available. Know who your ideal candidates are and where they work. Attract them by building your brand, and anticipate when they may be ready to make a move.

How can you control how you appear to passive job seekers and become a destination employer?

It begins with taking control of your reputation and your brand. Leverage these resources for the best results.

Review sites.

Much as your restaurant can be reviewed on Yelp and your hotel on Travelocity, your hiring and management practices can be reviewed on Glassdoor and similar sites. Keep an eye on how you appear on these sites to potential candidates. Don’t hesitate to ask current employees to add their reviews. Don’t try to steer their input, just keep in mind that employment review sites tend to skew negative, so any positive to neutral data you can add will offset it.

Career site.

Your career site is a window into opportunity for the people who visit your website. Even those who are not actively looking will sometimes put out feelers to get an idea of where the opportunities are. Assess your site from the viewpoint of a hotel or restaurant executive. It’s in your best interest to make your career page a true resource with information about what your company is like to work for and the wide range of jobs that are available. Make sure every job post is a true marketing piece that sells your jobs to the candidate.

Social media.

Social media can be instrumental in pushing out your brand. Be sure you present a cohesive presence and keep up with new platforms as they come on line. Tap a point person in your organization to take responsibility for your social media presence. Encourage scheduling of posts so they occur at regular intervals.

Showcase culture.

Top restaurant and hotel talent—the people you would be eager to add to your organization – are most likely currently employed. For them to make the jump to a new job, they have to be certain it’s to a place they would want to work. Share feel-good and informative content that attracts the type of people you need in your organization.

Need help recruiting for your hotel or restaurant?

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