Automation Improves the Current and Future Guests’ Experience


As a hotel executive, you know automation is invaluable in operating more efficiently and cost-effectively. But have you considered all the ways in which automation can improve guest experience?

Some of the latest automation innovations can help give guests a memorable experience that will encourage them to return and to recommend your hotel to their friends and colleagues.

Lost and found.

How can you automatically tell guests they left something behind? Lost items are a huge annoyance for both guests and hoteliers. Automating this practice can notify guests quickly that their items have been found and are safe. It makes it easier for hotel staff to return items to the guest’s preferred address and gives guests peace of mind.

Digital menus.

Save printing costs and make changes on the fly with digital menus. These also give you the power to save guest preferences between visits or across chains. You can track allergies and sensitivities as well as make recommendations based on previous orders. This level of attention and customization can encourage guests to choose your hotel when they travel next.

Room preferences.

Automation enables guests to decide when their room will be cleaned and receive notification when staff is finished with their room. It always provides flexibility for check-in and check-out, notifying front desk staff when the room has been turned, so they may offer it to guests waiting for early check-in

Beacon tracking.

This innovation keeps hotels aware of where guests are throughout the property, so they can push out offers at just the right time. Consider the advantages of offering a coupon as a guest walks past the gift shop or sending a happy hour special notification as they step up to your hotel bar? These automated notifications can be customized to guest preferences, time of day, day of week and more. Beacon tracking is like giving your guest a concierge who accompanies them through their day.

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