Scare Away Job Candidates With This Application Process


If you’ve tried to hire lately – and let’s face it, hiring is an ongoing process in the hospitality industry – you know it’s a job-seeker’s market. Unemployment is at an all-time low, meaning employers need to court candidates, streamlining the hiring process and smoothing out any speedbumps that can scare off prospective employees before they even get in the door.

How can your application process scare away candidates?

Your application is too long.

For best results, keep your app as short as possible. Consider what you really need to know to decide if you want to interview a candidate in person or over the phone. Most hiring managers skill for the high points when considering a hire. Strip your initial application down to those basics. Once you move the candidate further along the process, you can gather the details you need to perform reference and background checks or enter them into your payroll.

They can’t (easily) apply on mobile

Most of today’s job seekers search for work on their smartphones and expect to be able to apply there as well. Take a few minutes (it should only take a few minutes) to complete the mobile application yourself to see what candidates are going through when they attempt to work for you.

It asks repetitive questions

One of the most cited frustrations among job seekers is being given the opportunity to upload their resume and then be expected to fill out a detailed application. Don’t annoy applicants by expecting them to provide the same information more than once.

You demand excessive documentation

Analyze your hiring process to identify processes that may be repetitive or requests that are unnecessary. A photocopy of a candidate’s college degree is redundant when a standard job and education verification will uncover any discrepancies or fraud. Keep your process as simple and clean as possible.

Make it easy to apply

If your application is difficult, who’s going to quit and say never mind? Top candidates – the ones who can easily get a job anywhere. Make the applicant experience positive and you will have a greater range of candidates to choose from.

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