Perfect Examples of VIP Experiences to Provide for Your Guests


You want to provide each of your hotel or resort guests a memorable experience, but you know that attracting high-end guests means taking it to the next level. Plush surroundings, high thread-counts sheets and customer service that goes above and beyond are only the beginning. Here are a few ideas to make your guests feel like VIPs.

Private Museum Tours

Touring a museum is at the top of many travelers’ must-do lists when visiting a new city, particularly iconic museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Even people who don’t typically enjoy museums can be intrigued by a private tour. Private tours can be scheduled to feature specific areas of interest or take visitors behind the scenes to view pieces most museum guests don’t see.

River/Dinner Cruise

A private cruise can be a relaxing way to spend an evening. Considering booking one for your guests who can use a stress reliever after a long day of meetings or running around. It provides a way to view the sites in a way that most people never see.

Upscale Meal Tasting

Tasting menus are gaining popularity just about everywhere. It’s a great way for creative chefs to show off their skills and for diners to sample new trends in food without taking a chance on ordering an entrée they may not like. For your VIP guests, consider a tasting that will feature local specialties that may not be available to them elsewhere.

Door-to-Door Wine Tour

What’s better than a wine tour? How about one that comes with first-class travel? A door-to-door wine tour will pick your guests up at your hotel with a limousine and take them to several local wineries before dropping them back at your door safe and sound. No wineries local to your area? Craft breweries may offer a similar service.

Think Outside the Box

If you want to offer guests a VIP experience, hire hotel executives who share your vision of what it takes to run an upscale establishment.

The hotel manager and executive recruitment team at Horizon Hospitality can identify candidates who bring management and industry skills as well as the ability to identify trends your hotel can leverage.

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