A New Revenue Source for Restaurants – Co-Working


Have you heard about the rise of co-working in the business world? Co-working spaces are useful when someone needs an off-site space where they can focus or for freelancers who either want a break from working at home or are interested in the resources and comradery a co-working space can offer.

Have you ever considered co-working as a revenue source for your restaurant?

For dinner-only establishments, the front of the house often goes empty for the bulk of the day. While the kitchen may bustle for hours preparing for the evening meal, the dining room only needs to be cleaned and reset, tasks that can typically be accomplished in a couple of hours.

Rather than allow all that prime square footage go vacant all day, why not lease it to digital nomads or startup entrepreneurs looking for a space to work? Charge monthly or weekly membership subscriptions or even daily drop-in rates.

What do you need to offer?

Not much really. A workspace, Wi-Fi, good lighting and plenty of coffee is all most independent workers need. Anything else is a bonus. You could choose to offer a light lunch such as soup or sandwiches if you choose, but it’s not necessary. If you have a layout that features side rooms, you can also allow members to host meetings, or lease the whole space for off-site meetings.

Sound like too much trouble?

There are third-party vendors, such as Spacious and Kettlespace, who will come into your restaurant and set up basics, such as coffee and tea service and extension cords. A staff member will remain on-site to deal with any questions or issues, so you don’t have to.

Looking for new ideas?

It’s as simple as hiring innovative and experienced restaurant executives. They will keep you up to date and develop ideas to help you drive revenue as well as manage the staff. Recruiting the right restaurant manager can make a significant impact on your success and profitability.

The restaurant manager and executive recruitment team at Horizon Hospitality can identify candidates who bring management and industry skills as well as the ability to identify trends your business can leverage.

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