Can Your Hotel Become the “Place to Be” in the Local Community?


Your property can be so much more than just a place for travelers to stop for the night while traveling on business or vacation. Guest rooms are only a part of your hotel. Why not take advantage of the entirety of your space? There is no better way to expand your revenue sources beyond just keeping beds filled.

The number of rooms you have is finite, but it’s not the only space you have to work with. Consider what you can do with the spaces that are currently public or can be made public such as bars, restaurants, executive or conference or event space.

Here are a few tips to help you accomplish this.

Take Advantage of Trends:

Hop on the Locavore Train

Increasingly, travelers are looking to experience local culture. Why make them venture out on the town when you can provide a hyper-local experience right inside your walls. Feature favorite regional dishes or offer fresh-from-the-farm produce to offer an experience guests cannot enjoy in their home town. Set your space above the pack.  Stock your bar with local craft beers or wine vintages. Add specialty cocktails to up the cachet of restaurant and bar space.

Not only does this serve to keep your guest dollars inside your hotel, but you also increase your chances of making the dining space and bar a destination for locals. Hotel bars and restaurants don’t typically attract local patrons if there is nothing to set them apart.

Consider Co-Working

Demand for co-working space has increased with the rise of the remote worker. Can you create an attractive space with all the amenities they will need to be comfortable?

Partner With Other Local Business

Consider brands that are compatible with your own, such as local brewers or vintners. Trendy local makers may be willing to put items on display or in use in your hotel, providing a unique experience for travelers and engaging area businesses who now have an investment in your success.

Hire the Right Team

Keeping up on the latest trends can be as simple as the people you hire. Recruiting a hotel manager who remains on the cutting edge of the hospitality industry can make a big difference to your success and profitability.

The hotel manager and executive recruitment team at Horizon Hospitality can identify candidates who bring management and industry skills as well as the ability to identify trends your hotel can leverage.

Partner With a Leading Hotel Recruiter Today

Contact the hotel recruiters at Horizon Hospitality today to find top talent in the hotel and restaurant industry who will help you stay on top of the latest trends.




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