What Qualities Make Leaders in Hospitality

Looking to add to the leadership team for your restaurant, hotel or resort? Look for these qualities to ensure your success and that of your team.

Focus On ALL Their Customers
Many managers pride themselves on guest experience, but what about staff experience? The best leaders also take the time to develop and train their employees to improve knowledge, retention and job satisfaction.

Attention to Detail
Tiny details are important in the hospitality industry. Managers should notice cleanliness, safety issues and first impressions. Attending to little things that customers notice like a nicely plated meal, fluffy towels or fresh flowers can make a big difference to your service.

Mindful Of the Big Picture
While excellent leaders notice small details, they should also keep the long-term goals in mind. How would you like to grow your business in the coming months or years? Can you provide those little touches that customers love and remain in budget? Good leaders will think about factors like these.

Extraordinary Communication Skills
Look for managers who are able to speak to people at any level, from your most difficult customer to your executive chef. They should be able to teach, persuade and comfort.

Conflict Resolution Skills
Hire leaders who can quickly resolve difficult issues. They should be able to identify the origin of the problem and prevent it from arising again. Good leaders will also teach their subordinates strategies that allow them to solve problems on their own.

Positive Attitude
A positive environment can be key to a successful business – and that begins at the top. Choose leaders who can find the silver lining in the most challenging situations and help your staff keep their spirits up as well.

The broader your range of responsibility, the more important it is to remain organized. Discuss with management candidates the strategies they use to organize their days. Staying on top of daily tasks is the only way to prevent important things from falling through the cracks.

Willing To Contribute
Managers should lead by example – demonstrating an eagerness to pitch in where needed. The best leaders understand every aspect of the business and are not afraid to get their hands dirty.

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