5 Tips To Keeping Employees Not Only Engaged, But Happy

Much focus is placed these days on keeping employees engaged. But is that enough? Keeping your employees happy is the key to reducing turnover, increasing operational efficiency and improving your bottom line. How can you ensure that your employees are happy and engaged?

Communicate Your Vision

Let them in on your dreams and plans. Employees feel more engaged when they are working toward a common goal, so don’t keep it a secret. Do you want to increase revenue by 30% this year? Expand into other business areas? Offer franchise opportunities? Let your employees help you reach your goal.

Ask What They Want And Need

Don’t put together a plan to reward and motivate employees without talking to your people to find out what they want. Would they like gift certificates to a spa, event tickets? Or would they rather have an extra day off? Check in with your team to find out what they value.

Involve Them In Planning And Decision-Making

Thinking about updating your menu? Offering additional client services? Look to your people for input. Not only will this help with engagement and retention, but you may learn something. Your front line employees talk to customers every day. They can share with you the kind of requests they hear. Soliciting their opinions can help you avoid mistakes like adding more sandwiches to your lunch menu when customer are asking for a wider selection of salads.

Give Special Attention To High-Potential Employees

Build your staff from the inside for maximum employee engagement. Identify high-performing employees and give them additional training or put them on a management track. Employees work harder and feel more like part of the team if they know that you take promoting from within seriously. Give them something to strive for.

Create A Supportive Environment

Many employers say that their team is like family, but how often is it true? Offer support and empathy when people have family matters to attend to. Create an environment where people can see themselves staying for the long term. Listen to their side of the story when fielding a customer complaint. Employees are happier if they feel you are in their corner.

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