Top 5 Reasons to Pursue a Job in Hotels

Nearly 1.9 million Americans work in the hotel industry – and there are some excellent reasons why this is true. Salaries, benefits and career opportunities are plentiful and the work environment by the very nature of the industry is friendly, accommodating and welcoming.

Competitive Pay  

Hotel companies that value providing premier guest service are generally willing to pay top dollar for high-performing employees.

  • Starting wage rates are competitive and typically, raises are offered on regular bases.
  • Bonuses and other financial rewards are frequently awarded for providing exceptional service.
  • Many hotel and resort jobs derive significant portions of their salaries from sales commissions and service tips.
  • Reservation, timeshare sales, bartending, restaurant serving, spa attendant and concierge positions often pay $30 to $40 an hour without the need for a college degree or extensive experience.
  • Salaries for hotel managers – whether in customer service, engineering or sales – typically top those of other industries. A front desk manager in a U.S. hotel earns an average of $40,000 while a general manager earns about $95,000 a year.

Entry Level Opportunities

In an industry where the ability to provide great service is top priority, a variety of entry-level career opportunities is available.

  • Jobs in reservations, at the front desk or in guest services can be excellent starting points for individuals interested in building their resume and moving into upper management roles.
  • As well as direct guest service opportunities, employees can get a strong foothold on careers in support departments such as engineering, security or the culinary arts.

Career Advancement

A $3.5 trillion international industry, the hotel business offers unlimited career growth potential.

  • Each department within a hotel – from housekeeping and sales to guest services and landscaping – offers robust chains of command through which forward-thinking professionals can grow and advance. For instance, 3,000 of Marriott International’s managers started their careers with the company in entry-level jobs.
  • Working in a tight-knit community of professionals from various trades provides opportunities to learn new skills and pursue new careers within the industry.

Attractive Benefits

Most hotels are part of major brands like Hilton, Hyatt, Radisson or Marriott. Even independent and boutique properties often are owned by large management companies. These organizations need a vast number of workers and know they must offer excellent benefits to attract top talent.

  • Benefits may include medical and dental insurance, paid maternity leaves, vacation pay, tuition reimbursement and 401(k) and retirement plans.
  • Additional perks unique to the industry range from free employee meals to discounted or free travel, lodging and dining at affiliated hotels, restaurants and resorts around the world.

“Vacation Vibes”

Every detail at a quality hotel is designed to create a relaxed, welcoming environment. As an employee, it’s hard not to absorb some of that ambience and “vacation vibe” atmosphere. Related advantages include:

  • Relocation opportunities: It’s easy to transfer and pursue your career in another city while remaining with the same company. For instance, Interstate Hotels & Resorts manages 260 different properties in the U.S. alone and more internationally.
  • Meeting people every day: Between coworkers and guests, you encounter a constant flow of new faces. In addition to having fun, networking opportunities abound.

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