Where Do You Go (in Your Career Search) When You Don’t Know Where to Go?


As a hospitality professional, you know there are many opportunities in the industry. Getting a little expert advice can help you make smarter career decisions – whether you’re looking for your first management position, changing industries, juggling offers or hoping to relocate to a highly desirable location. You may have questions like: Which opportunity is… Read more »

What Is the Right Type of Search for Your Hospitality Job Opening?


When you are looking to fill a critical hospitality management position, you have options. How do you know which one will deliver the best results for your organization? Depending on the nature of the position, the number of people you need to recruit and the workload of your internal human resources department, you’ll probably choose… Read more »

Why a Hospitality Recruiter Helps Your Career Take the Next Step


If you’re a successful hospitality professional, you know a thing or two about how to run a hotel, restaurant or resort successfully. But you’re probably not an expert in finding the perfect job. To take a truly strategic approach to your career, you must partner with a hospitality recruiter who knows the industry and how… Read more »

How Can Luxury Hotels Provide True Luxury to Their Guests?

Luxury Travelers expect more from their vacation and business trips– that’s no secret. But when guests are accustomed to always having the best – the fastest wifi, the highest thread count sheets, professionally decorated homes – how can a hotel set itself apart? In 2017, it’s about three things; simplicity, technology and telling a story.… Read more »

What Hotel Trends Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon

In recent years, several trends have entered the hospitality industry. While some of them are likely to fall by the wayside, many appear to have staying power. Embrace these trends to attract new guests and encourage previous visitors to make a return trip. Bleisure Travel For many people who are overscheduled or on a tight… Read more »

Are Restaurants and Hotels Now Becoming More Pet Friendly?

People love their pets. This is news to no one. What is news is that pet owners are increasingly unwilling to leave their pets at home when they travel or dine. People will actively seek out accommodations that are pet friendly when they are traveling, and look for restaurants that permit dogs to join their… Read more »

Who Owns Customer Data – the Hotel or the Travel Agency?

Customers find hotels in a variety of ways. They may come to you directly, through a travel agency or through an online booking company. There are no real rules as to who owns the data customers provide, so it is generally controlled by the point of entry. Online travel agency (OTA) Booking.com has recently stated… Read more »

Market Your Hotel the Right Way to Fill More Beds

Today’s consumer has virtually limitless access to accommodation information before making the decision to book a hotel. Where they once picked up the phone and made a reservation, they can now spend hours comparing various hotels side by side. How can you stand out above your competition and attract new and returning visitors? Highlight your… Read more »

What Qualities Make Leaders in Hospitality

Looking to add to the leadership team for your restaurant, hotel or resort? Look for these qualities to ensure your success and that of your team. Focus On ALL Their Customers Many managers pride themselves on guest experience, but what about staff experience? The best leaders also take the time to develop and train their… Read more »