How “Data” Will Drive the Evolution of Senior Housing

The senior living industry, long pigeonholed as low-tech and behind the times, has begun to embrace the power of data. In response to the evolving resident needs, communities are seeking new solutions. Data is providing personalized resident experiences, improved transparency, and predictive care, the most competitive communities are using data to set themselves apart. Consider the following ways that data-driven innovations are driving the evolution of senior housing:

Personalized Experience

As with hospitality, senior living communities can stay competitive through personalized experiences for their residents. By analyzing current residents’ behaviors, communities can assess which amenities provide the most value for residents. Data can help community programming expand in ways that are meaningful to residents. Senior living sales teams can assess which interactions convert the most leads and make their sales funnel more engaging to prospective residents.

Predictive Resident Care

Tracking resident data, like how often individuals participate in meals or how much time they spend in their room, can help senior living care teams proactively manage residents’ health. Instead of waiting for the family to bring up changes in care needs, a change in data can signal potential health needs on the horizon.

Improve Transparency with Families

Transitioning a loved one to a senior care facility, especially memory care, can be a hard decision for families. Increased data usage can help families stay in the loop on what activities, meals, and care their loved ones receive. This transparency can improve trust from families, giving them peace of mind. It can also encourage their involvement alongside care teams, which has proven to improve the quality of life for residents immensely.

Greater Security Needs

The vast amount of data that senior living communities will manage comes with security risks. Though much of the data collected will be lifestyle-focused and not medical, families and residents will still want to know that their information is protected from scammers and data breaches. Communities will be putting a greater emphasis on hiring data security positions that can implement and manage security measures.

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