How Private Clubs Can Provide Seamless Service During Renovations

The old business adage of “You’ve got to spend money to make money” has taken hold in the private club industry. A recent survey found that over half of private clubs plan to spend more on facility improvements this year. However, for these projects to pay off for clubs, they must not let member satisfaction slip during construction. If your private club renovation is about to break ground, consider the following:

Generate Excitement with Members

If you can muster up excitement among members, there will be far less grumbling about the construction mess. As soon as your private club’s renovation plans are in place, start sharing how members will be able to enjoy the coming upgrades. Also, publicize project start dates, scope of work, and projected temporary changes to amenities. Once renovations have begun, continually share progress via emails, social media, and onsite marketing collateral. Prominently display visual aids like 3D models, blueprints, and digital renderings in the clubhouse to amplify the excitement.

Find Opportunities in Challenges

When a certain amenity is closed for construction, find ways to provide fun alternatives. For example, if food and beverage services are disrupted consider partnering with food trucks. Create a makeshift outdoor picnic space with yard games or a pop-up tiki bar for a lively atmosphere. Is your gym closed? Find ways to offer extra fitness opportunities outside, emphasizing connecting with nature. Despite temporarily losing some amenities, members will appreciate the efforts put into creative solutions.

Prevent “Construction Fatigue”

With renovation responsibilities piled on top of leadership and service responsibilities, decision-makers can quickly succumb to “construction fatigue.” Before a private club plans an overhaul, club managers should consider reaching out to colleagues who have also taken on renovations, creating a support network during difficult periods. Educate department leaders and delegate clearly to avoid shouldering too many extra responsibilities.

Give Your Teams Adequate Resources

Although your members’ experience is paramount during renovations, remember that construction also disrupts your staff’s jobs. Employees will likely be adjusting their work routines, unable to access regular resources, and possibly dealing with more strained member interactions. Hold regular team meetings specifically addressing these evolving challenges. Use feedback to make a support plan, acquire extra equipment, adjust schedules, or provide specialized training. Empower staff to find creative solutions to members’ needs, while assuring your team that you will stand with them in difficult situations.

Hire Resilient Private Club Leaders

When the construction dust settles, members might not remember every detail of the project, but they will remember how the club’s staff made them feel. Your country club will need managers who can maintain member satisfaction and motivate teams during periods of disruption. The private club recruiters at Horizon Hospitality have years of experience in sourcing the top operational, culinary, and financial managers in the club industry.

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