How to Tell if Your Country Club Marketing is Stuck in the Rough

Most likely, your country club takes pride in its storied history and deep-rooted traditions. However, this commitment to tradition shouldn’t extend to your marketing tactics. To attract new demographics and engage existing members, your club should keep its communications and messaging fresh. Not sure if your country club marketing is falling behind? Here are a few basics to consider:

Email Communications are Impersonal

With all the talk of social media trends, it’s easy to forget that email is still a powerful marketing tool. However, messages must be personal and specific to stand out from the noise in email inboxes. If you simply blast out monthly newsletters or event advertising to your entire email list, consider revising your strategy. Segment your email lists based on digital and in-person behavior so they can receive relevant information. For example, send out a specific email to golfing members who have not played a round recently. Or send a special message offering a free drink to someone with an approaching birthday or anniversary. Remember, these emails must also be visually engaging and have a clear purpose. There are a variety of services that offer free templates that can make this easy.

Outdated Images are Everywhere

When was the last time your club facilities were photographed? Has it been a few years? Even if the club has not seen any major renovations recently, it is worth regularly updating photos and videos. Production technology constantly evolves, meaning your photos and videos can quickly look outdated and low quality. Consider adding drone footage of your course and grounds or creating a virtual walk-through of the facilities. This will give you a variety of visual tools for all marketing channels.

Website isn’t Mobile Friendly

Smartphones have officially surpassed desktops as the device of choice for internet access, with 65% of internet traffic share. With that in mind, is your club’s website catering to those users? Can someone easily book a tee time or restaurant reservation from their mobile device? Is it visually appealing? If you answered no to any of these, it is time for a website upgrade. An easy-to-use website will boost your club’s rankings in search engines, potentially attracting and converting more new members looking for a private club.

Your Club Is in a Social Media Rut

If your club’s goal is to engage younger demographics and convert them into lifelong members, then you need to expand beyond the occasional Facebook post. Create content for increasingly popular video-based sites like YouTube. Showcase your staff and pros, letting them share their personality and expertise. Feature upcoming events and encourage members to tag your club when posting to their social accounts. Create content that is engaging and useful.

It all starts with Hiring Strategic Country Club Leaders

If any of the above points sound like something your club is behind on, it is time for a marketing upgrade. To do that, your club needs the best marketing and membership professionals. Our Country Club Recruiters have years of experience finding talent for clubs nationwide. Find out how our team uses leading recruitment techniques and leverages a vast database of club management professionals. Contact our recruiting team to find out how!



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