Four Reasons AI Can’t Replace Hospitality Recruiters

As in every other industry, Artificial Intelligence has many hospitality recruiters on the edge of their seats. How can this technology be utilized? How will this technology change the industry? Will it replace certain roles?

Our recruiting team has already discovered ways to leverage AI to research markets, build prospective candidate lists, efficiently catalogue candidate resumes, and streamline mundane administrative tasks. However, we have also discovered it has major limitations:

It Lacks Creativity

Hospitality companies often approach us with a list of qualifications, skills, and experiences they want to see from candidates. They have every right to be selective and have high expectations. While AI is a powerful tool for screening for a set list of requirements, it also helps to think outside of the box. A hospitality recruiter with industry experience can help clients identify if certain skills can be developed, which qualifications are indispensable, and what alternative experiences could be considered to strategically widen a candidate pool.

It Misses Relationship Building

People trust people. Conversational AI can mimic human interaction on impressive levels, but putting a name to a voice is essential to building trust in the recruitment process. Yes, candidates are looking for a position that checks all their boxes, but they are also looking for a work-home with a culture that supports their emotional needs. That looks different for everyone and requires a human touch. AI cannot pick up the phone and start a meaningful conversation with a candidate.

Recruiters Dig Deep

A good recruiter can read between the lines. When a candidate seems hesitant about an opportunity that would be a perfect fit, a recruiter can dig deeper to understand the hesitation. Maybe they are unsure about the location and simply need a site visit. Maybe they have had a poor experience with a previous job switch and need a pep talk. It is difficult to replicate this level of personal finesse that you find with experienced hospitality recruiters.

Legal Risks

In 2017, Amazon implemented, and then notoriously scrapped, an AI-powered recruiting program. What went wrong? The program showed a strong bias toward males, proving that the technology is only as fair as the information it is given. Multiple states have implemented or are working on regulations surrounding the use of AI in recruitment. Some require companies to properly notify candidates of AI use, while others require companies to regularly perform “bias audits”. Companies must stay apprised of new regulations and take extra steps to comply. If not, they could face penalties and sacrifice their reputation as a trustworthy employer.

Partner with Experienced Hospitality Recruiters

While artificial intelligence offers exciting possibilities for talent acquisition, it cannot replicate the success found when experienced recruiting professionals collaborate with your hiring authorities. When you want to hire the top leaders and professionals in the hospitality industry, partner with a recruiter who will use every tool available. Contact the Hospitality Recruiters at Horizon Hospitality to learn more about our methods and strategies.


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