Five Surprising Trends that Country Club Event Planners Need to Know About in 2024

The recent wedding boom has finally eased as the industry catches up on two years of pent-up celebrations. After the dust settled, what has changed in the way people celebrate? For country club event planners looking to capture the revenue and exposure that weddings and special events can bring, consider these trends for 2024:

  • Unplugged Events
  • Personalized and Inclusive Menus
  • Eco-friendly Planning
  • Curated Intimate Moments

Unplugged Events

Instead of pushing kitschy hashtags and Snapchat filters on their guests, families would rather see their guests put down their devices and enjoy the celebration. Having an “unplugged” ceremony is a common request that can easily be accommodated through proper signage and communication from event staff. Suggest other fun ways for guests to capture memories, like sharing photos digitally or setting up photo booths.

Personalized and Inclusive Menus

Give family and guests more menu options than the clichéd chicken breast or mini quiches. Some of the fastest-growing trends are centered around having a personalized menu. Vegan and gluten-free options are the most popular, and the signature cocktail trend has held strong. Event planners should work with the entire food and beverage staff to creatively find dishes and drinks that reflect each client.

Eco-friendly Planning

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for many families putting together celebrations. Reduce waste by nixing party favors, printing menus on napkins, or skipping balloons and other single-use decorations. Families will appreciate that your country club strives to be an eco-conscious venue choice.

Curated Intimate Moments

We can thank social media platforms like TikTok for creating windows into every detail of big events, raising the bar for couples and families to heighten even the smallest moments. More and more couples choose to curate their entire marriage journey together, including the proposal itself. Proposal packages can be a great way for couples to ensure an intimate moment goes off without a hitch, from ensuring an undisturbed setting to having a photographer ready to capture the moment.

Hire Strategic Country Club Managers

If there is any single, over-arching theme to note, it is that clients want celebrations that reflect personal values. Country Clubs need creative and organized event planners to execute these events. Our Private Club Recruiters can find the top catering and event-planning professionals for your club. Contact us to learn more.

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