How Restaurants Can Capitalize on the Rising Brunch Trend

Restaurant dayparts have shifted noticeably through the entire week, and Saturday brunch is no exception. In fact, Saturday brunch has surpassed Friday lunch as the busiest restaurant hours. If your restaurant hasn’t already started serving brunch, it may be time to consider it. Here are four things to keep in mind when deciding to add brunch to your menu:

  • Focus on Quality over Quantity
  • Presentation Matters
  • Have Fun with Beverages
  • Be Smart About Staffing

Focus Your Menu on Quality over Quantity

While you want to have a unique spin on your menu to set yourself apart from other brunch spots, diners tend to be less adventurous at breakfast than any other meal. Stick with the comforting (and cost-effective) basics like eggs and toast on the menu but find ways to stamp it with your own concept’s identity. Consider scratch-made sauces, on-brand flavors, and functional ingredients.

Presentation Matters…Alot

People enjoy brunch because it is more than just a meal; it is an opportunity to indulge, slow down, and maybe show off a bit. Thanks to platforms like TikTok and Instagram, younger crowds crave snappable meals worthy of posting to their social media profiles. Plate dishes with some creative flare to create an experience that diners will want to brag about.

Have Fun with Beverages

While brunch may be about comfort food, it’s still a great place for diners to explore new flavors in beverages. Elevated cocktails (and mocktails), specialty coffees, and functional teas are a cost-effective way for restaurants to give diners an easy opportunity to try out a new trend.

Adjust Your Front of House Levels

Brunch’s potential to bring in more revenue is not without difficulties. Burch menus lend themselves to more refills and complicated orders for staff to stay on top of. It can be tougher to gauge how long a table will take to turn over. Make sure you have enough staff to handle it all and that they are your “A” team. Also, take into consideration your team’s current work levels. If adding brunch places too much stress on staff, it may not be worth risking poor morale and increased turnover.

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