How to Use Education to Enhance Wellness in Senior Living Communities

Studies have shown that lifelong learning is crucial to wellness during the golden years. While there is a growing niche industry of senior living communities connected to college campuses, residents don’t need physical access to a classroom to reap the benefits of lifelong learning. Here are five ways senior living communities can incorporate lifelong learning to enhance total wellness for residents:

Start with Academics

The most basic way to help seniors continue learning is to get back to the classroom! If your community does have easy access to a college campus, consider offering live webinars, guest lecturers, and off-site excursions focused on academics.


Help your residents get the most out of amenities like gyms and lap pools. Quality exercise classes will keep them engaged socially and physically. Create opportunities for residents to learn the mechanics of their exercises and how to avoid injuries. One-on-one training sessions, group classes, and easily accessed visual aids should be integrated into any exercise area.


Independent living has gained popularity with the active, boomer generation. Yet even if these residents have their own kitchens, they might not have all the right tools for healthy eating. Have a nutritionist, dietitian, or even your Senior Living Executive Chef create hands-on cooking classes focused on functional food. Not only is this educational and directly impacts health, it is a great way to keep residents engaged and social.


Learning new technologies helps seniors stay connected to family members. Isolation is a leading contributor to declining health in seniors, so focus on giving residents the tools that connect them with loved ones. Regular technology classes can be helpful but consider also having a permanent technology center where residents can seek help with their individual needs.


Living in a senior living community should not limit residents’ access to the surrounding community and culture. Coordinate excursions to regional museums, musical venues, and cultural attractions. For residents unable to travel, incorporate quality performances to expose them to new and engaging experiences.

Partner with Experienced Senior Living Recruiters

Are your senior living community’s dining, activities, and administrative leaders ready to think outside the box and find new ways to engage residents? Partner with experienced Senior Living Recruiters to find senior living talent who will contribute to your community’s wellness goals. Contact Horizon Hospitality to learn more about our recruiting process.



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