Winter is Coming: What’s Your Country Club’s Strategy?

What do country clubs do in the winter

It’s September, and chances are that your country club is buzzing with full tee times, busy racquet-sport teams, and packed outdoor dining outlets. But when the weather turns sour this winter, what will your club do to stay relevant for members? Will you jump into new programming, make changes to current operations, or step back and reassess future plans? Consider these ideas for creating a continually engaging experience for your members during the off-season:

Will You Create New Dining Experiences?

Food and beverage trends are constantly shifting, not just annually, but seasonally. Allow your Executive Chef to get creative. Maybe your food and beverage program focuses on comforting winter dishes, functional foods that support New Year’s resolutions, or a rotating specials menu of the latest Tik-Tok food crazes. Consider creating a variety of cozy dining spaces inside and out with fireplaces, outdoor heating elements, blankets, and wind blocks.

Will You Provide a Space for Community?

When your members are not golfing, dining, or exercising, do they have an inviting space to linger? As the temperatures drop and activity options dwindle, members will appreciate flexible community spaces. Consider how the whole family may want to use indoor spaces. Create kid-friendly spaces with games and strong Wi-Fi, where parents can still lounge nearby and peacefully enjoy coffee or take a phone call.

Will You Reassess Your Sustainability Commitments?

When did your club last set or follow up with sustainability initiatives? Consider setting new, actionable goals surrounding habitat and water conservation, facilities emissions, waste, or community education and outreach. Communicate these plans and timelines with your members. Not only does this keep club management committed, but it also keeps members excited to watch the club grow and evolve.

Will You Focus on Team Building

There is room to grow in every team: individually and as a group. Reassess your team mission and how you help employees connect with those principles. Do you provide support and encouragement to seek out professional education, either through club organizations like CMAA, hospitality colleges, or internally? Find new ways to regularly recognize hard work and success. Reinvest in employee facilities. All these strategies can help your club’s team operate exceptionally in future peak seasons.

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