Is your Country Club’s Career Page Turning Away Talent?

Five tips for a career page that converts casual job seekers into candidates

Believe it or not, ninety-two percent of online job applications go unfinished by candidates. That is a staggering figure for any business trying to keep teams staffed. For industries like country clubs, which already deal with a limited talent pool, it is also problematic. What can clubs do when their career page is losing candidates interest?

  • Focus on the Candidate.
  • Make Job Ads Compelling.
  • Keep it Up to Date.
  • Test Run the Application Process.
  • Optimize it for Mobile.

Here’s how these strategies will convert curious job seekers into enthusiastic candidates?

Focus on the Candidate

All too often, country club career pages focus on what the candidate can do for the club. However, to convert job seekers into candidates, your careers page needs to focus on what the club can provide for candidates. They probably are not concerned with how beautiful your amenities look, or how storied your history is. They want to know if your club can provide them with job security, competitive pay, or work-life balance.

Make the Job Ads Compelling

Again, focus on why a candidate would want to work at your club. Do not list the entire job description. Give candidates a basic idea of the role, then feature the most exciting parts. Also, a salary range for each position is an absolute must. Whether or not your club is subject to pay transparency laws, a careers page lacking salary information will turn off most applicants. Find even more tips for writing job ads here.

Keep it Up to Date

If your job board is not linked to an applicant tracking system, a careers page can easily fall out of date. Months-old positions can make it seem like you are unable to fill positions, which can send red flags to candidates. If you are no longer actively hiring for a position, remove the posting immediately. If you like to keep applications on file for future consideration, provide candidates with an email address where they can forward a resume.

Test Run the Process

Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and take your careers page for a test drive. Is there a clear next step? It should be impossible to miss the instructions on how to apply and what they can expect next. If it is buried in poorly designed graphics or too much text, simplify the page.

How long does it take to complete the initial application? Remove as many steps as possible, like manually entering work history or requiring an application system login. Consider making it as simple as emailing the hiring manager a resume. Identify any other confusing or unnecessarily tedious steps in applying through your club’s career page.

Optimize Your Page

As of 2021, almost 70% of job applications were completed from a mobile device, and that number has only risen since then. Be sure that users can easily find your careers page through your club’s homepage. Check that your careers page loads properly and is easy to navigate on a small screen. Work with your website host to ensure your page is fully optimized for mobile.

Partner with Country Club Recruitment Experts

For active job seekers, career pages are the face of your company, so it needs to make a great first impression. When you want to expand your search to passive job seekers, partner with the top country club recruiters at Horizon Hospitality. We have an extensive network of experienced country club management and culinary talent. Contact us to learn more.

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