Hospitality Gig Workers are Back. Here’s How Country Clubs Can Benefit

Country Clubs stand to benefit the most from the gig economy

While the mass exodus of full-time employees from food and beverage has dominated the news, there has been a quiet return of people looking for a flexible and fun way to earn extra income. At the same time, more than one in three Americans has a paying side gig, a percentage only expected to increase. These trends, combined with the rise of apps providing easy access to gig workers, have created an opportunity for country clubs. Here are four ways to country clubs can benefit from this trend:

Beef up Seasonal Staff

During the pandemic, club members were incredibly understanding about low staff numbers; they were just happy to get out of the house! But as the pandemic officially recedes, paying club members have lost patience with subpar service. Clubs need a way to quickly staff up for the resurgence of events like weddings and golf tournaments and dampen the blow of any turnover. Though bringing seasonal workers on staff has had success for country clubs looking for flexibility, it has its limitations. With gig work, landscape workers, golf course staff, lifeguards, bartenders, and servers can all pick up shifts that suit their needs. Managers don’t need to worry about terminating contracts or having enough payroll to keep traditionally hired hourly workers on staff.

Simplify Human Resources

Many platforms and agencies like Snagajob have created a simplified solution for gig workers and companies. These companies provide W-2s and benefits like workers comp, while the workers can freely pick when and where they work. This has made gig work even more appealing for employees and employers, providing flexibility without all the paperwork of traditional hires.

Gives Flexibility to Full-Time staff

Working in any hospitality industry comes with an understanding that weekend and evening hours are inevitable. However, it is no secret that hospitality workers want ways to find a better work-life balance. What if there was a way country clubs could reduce the number of late events and long shifts for their full-time employees? When personal emergencies come up, how can clubs provide support so that teams are not strained? Gig workers can provide an alternate source of manpower so that seasonal needs and large events receive adequate staff and teams don’t burn out.

Expose New Faces to Country Club Careers

Not everyone in the country club industry initially set out to pursue a club career. Yet as many professionals in the industry will attest, the excitement and passion of the industry can draw people in. Gig work can expose club management career paths to people who might have never considered it. Making gig workers feel welcome can boost your club’s brand as an employer. Be sure you don’t cut corners when compensating gig workers and give them adequate resources to perform well.

Recruit Strategic Country Club Management Professionals

Although gig workers can be a great solution to many country club staffing needs, there is a catch. These workers will need more guidance and direction than permanent employees. However, with the right leaders at your club, these workers can be an asset to your teams. Our Country Club Recruiters have an extensive database of culinary, engineering, and management professionals who can bring leadership and innovation to your club. Contact us today to see how.



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