4 Ideas to Freshen Up Your Country Club’s Dining

Country Clubs have Opportunities to freshen up their food and beverage

Country club members are looking for something new and fresh from their dining experience. In response, many country clubs are undergoing dining room renovations or building entirely new dining outlets. But not every club is poised to undertake large capital-improvement projects. And even with those improvements, clubs still need ways to stay relevant in the face of rapidly changing trends. So how can country clubs spice up their food and beverage offerings to create a memorable experience?

Play with Themes

A little bit of novelty can go a long way. Create a ticketed event that features themed food, like a luau with a roasted pig or a romantic dinner with a set menu. Or don’t even bother with a full meal at all and create a pop-up beverage outlet at your club’s most popular amenity, like a tiki-bar serving frozen drinks in the summer. Whatever you offer, commit to a vibrant theme to give members a memorable and even Instagrammable experience.

Host Tastings

Think beyond wines and liquors for tastings. Let your members experience new products or trending ingredients without committing to a sit-down meal. Kelp, vegetable-based pasta, dates, obscure mushroom varieties, and tinned fish have been dubbed as the next “it” food trends for 2023. As many of these ingredients are completely new, and probably intimidating to some guests, have your chef create a cooking demonstration using them. The added social element of these tastings is also a great bonus.

Collaborate with Local Businesses

Does your local community have some unique restaurants specializing in authentic cuisines? Try partnering with them for a special dinner. Members can experience restaurants they might not have visited before (or are already a fan of) while enjoying the club’s amenities. Consider partnering with a renowned restaurant or chef in a nearby city. Guests can experience something completely new in their own backyard.

Have Fun with Trends

TikTok seems to be fueling plenty of unique dishes that members may be curious about but never had the opportunity to prepare or taste for themselves. Since most of these trends feature ‘hacks’ of common ingredients, like butter boards or cloud bread, these are fun and easy ways to pique members’ curiosity.

Hire Creative Food and Beverage Professionals

To keep your country club’s food and beverage programs from growing stale, hire forward-thinking and diverse culinary teams. Contact us to learn how our Country Club recruiters can help.



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