How is Your Private Club’s Racquet Game?

Private clubs can invest in their teams to create quality racquet sports programs

When many people think of sports in private clubs, they might only picture tennis and golf. Yes, club leaders tend to focus on these more scenic and higher revenue-producing sports, but they may be missing out on an opportunity in niche racquet sports. Sports like pickleball, badminton, and platform tennis have fewer entry barriers than tennis or golf. They are far less time-consuming and have less expensive equipment, making them highly attractive to many existing and prospective private club members.

The general racquet sports industry, not just tennis, has seen steady growth in revenue in the past decade. Here is how private clubs can capture the surging demand for racquet sports:

Attract New Talent

Finding certified and experienced leadership for your racquet department is key to meeting the expectations of club members. However, the talent pool for Directors of Racquets is sparse, so clubs need to be creative to stay competitive. Much of the job requires evening and weekend hours, so find a way to create a schedule that can accommodate a strong work/life balance. Make sure the department has the resources it needs. It’s tough to attract talented racquet professionals if your facilities are rundown and there is little support from leadership.

Build Up Existing Teams

While attracting certified and experienced upper leadership to your racquet departments is key, do not forget about finding talent within your team. Identify team members with ambitions to rise to the Athletics Director or Director of Racquets role and consider sponsoring certification in a particular racquet sport. Then, they can get experience handling on-court duties, leaving your Director of Racquets with more time to strategically build programming that excites your members.

Update Your Programming

Many of these racquet sports are appealing because of how short the learning curve is. While some new players might like a lesson or two to get started, most will be looking for substantial social and competitive programming. Frequent tournaments and youth activities like summer camps are great ways to encourage members to spend even more time at the club.

Keep an Eye on Trends

Not only is general participation in racquet sports growing, but it is also dominated by Millennials and Generation Z. This makes it a strategic boon for clubs trying to attract younger members. Make sure your leadership is keeping an eye on trends and members’ interests and allocating resources accordingly.

Find Forward Thinking Private Club Leaders

A club’s ability to provide a racquet sports program that lives up to members’ expectations relies on a strong team. If you are looking for private club leadership that can stay on top of trends and inspires staff, let the Private Club Recruiters at Horizon Hospitality help. Contact us today to learn how they can use their extensive database of professionals to complete your club’s team.



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