How Digitizing Employee Recognition Can Keep Staff Motivated

Common sense (and countless psychology studies) tells us that positive reinforcement is the best way to motivate, engage, and retain workers. Unfortunately, the fast-paced environments of hospitality make it challenging for leaders to slow down and find time to express gratitude and give kudos to their hardworking staff.

While there is no replacement for telling someone in-person how great they are doing, a growing number of digital apps can encourage and enhance employee recognition for hospitality teams. Here is how they can help busy leaders make their employees feel valued:

Holds Management Accountable

Hospitality management is often stretched thin these days, meaning consistent feedback is difficult to provide. Mobile apps create seamless channels that fit into their daily workflows.

Managers can thank employees, hand out rewards, and share successes anytime and anywhere. Then, these platforms will share these events with the entire team, allowing management to hold each other accountable for promoting a culture of positive reinforcement.

Empowers Peers to Celebrate Each Other

Not every noteworthy moment occurs in front of a manager. Most employee recognition apps encourage peers to highlight each other. Employees start with a set number of rewards or points that they are free to distribute to any coworker they choose. Empowering employees to highlight what they value provides powerful feedback that can help management understand what inspires their teams.

Bridges Department and Shift Gaps

Most hospitality businesses have multiple shifts and teams, and departments can often become compartmentalized, resulting in broken feedback loops. But if a Food and Beverage supervisor sees a member of Housekeeping go out of their way to help a coworker, or if someone working the closing shift handles a tough guest situation with grace, they should have a way to celebrate it with the entire staff.

Also, a digital platform with around-the-clock visibility means that the entire staff can see positive feedback in real-time. This creates a much more unified and engaged team.

Injects More Fun into Incentives

For teams who enjoy friendly competition, many apps make things like wellness challenges or fundraising campaigns simple and user-friendly. Since not everyone finds value in a Starbucks gift card or credit to the hotel spa, they can choose their own rewards. Some platforms are points-based, meaning employees can save up points they earn and splurge on items they want or even donate to a special cause.

Hire Inspiring Hospitality Leaders

An employee recognition platform is only as valuable as the leaders who invest time and energy into using them. Learn how the experienced Hospitality Recruiters at Horizon Hospitality can find talented leaders who motivate and inspire teams. Contact us today!



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