How to Keep Your Hotel’s Housekeeping Staff Happy

Housekeeping is arguably one of the toughest jobs in a hotel. And with all the changes in the last few years, like heightened cleaning protocols and the widespread elimination of daily room cleaning, the job can often feel impossible. So, what can hotel management do to keep their housekeeping teams happy and motivated?

Focus on Safety

Housekeeping is a physically demanding job, so staff safety should be a top priority. If supply chain issues require hotels to switch cleaning materials or suppliers, check that any new chemicals are non-hazardous and that employees understand how to safely use them.

Also, be mindful of how workloads are placed on your team. With daily housekeeping falling out of favor with guests, cleaning schedules are becoming erratic and there is a tendency for heavy cleaning loads in each room. These conditions can easily result in fatigued workers being more prone to injury.

Pay Well

With fewer guests requesting daily housekeeping, there is more intense labor required to clean each room, unpredictable schedules, and often requiring housekeepers to stand by on-call. Make sure you appropriately compensate your staff to reflect new challenges of their roles.

Open Doors for Their Careers

When hotels groom and promote their best workers, they are giving the rest of the team something to work toward. Set your employees up for success by providing easy access to learning opportunities, even if they do not directly relate to the housekeeping or rooms department. Consider providing tuition reimbursement as part of your benefits package. Having something to work towards, whether it is an ESL class or a Hospitality Management degree, can go a long way in keeping workers engaged and motivated.

Accommodate Schedules

When teams are running tight schedules, accommodating time off can feel monumental for management. But paid time off and flexible work schedules are becoming a non-negotiable for many hospitality workers. Offer shorter schedules or staggered shifts to allow workers to give their life outside of work the attention it needs.

Loop them Into Incentives

Give your housekeeping some ways to have fun during their shifts and reward them for a job well done. Consider creating bonuses based on guest metrics or giving out gift cards when someone goes above and beyond. Incentives will look different for every type of property, but the point is to keep the team invested in the success of the property.

Partner with Hotel Executive Recruiters

Even the most efficient and optimized housekeeping procedures are irrelevant if hotel leadership cannot keep their staff motivated. Contact us today to find experienced hotel leaders who bring teams together at your properties.



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