Quick and Easy Ideas for Restaurant TikTok Success

Busy restaurant owners might be hesitant to jump into yet another social media platform, but TikTok is becoming difficult to ignore. Considering it gains eight new users every second, has low competition for exposure, and has an algorithm that focuses on pushing content to users nearby, it is a perfect place for restaurants of all sizes to market themselves.

By simply featuring what restaurants do best, they can grow a loyal following on TikTok. Consider these quick and easy ideas for your restaurant’s TikTok content:

Show off The Food

TikTok has become a hotspot for viral food trends in the last few years. Show how some of your most popular dishes are created. Feature new items on the menu. You could even consider revealing the recipe so customers can attempt to make it at home.

Feature Events in the Restaurant and Area

The preparation and excitement surrounding special events are perfect content for TikTok. Even festivals or concerts nearby are a great way to connect to your local audience. Hype up customers by featuring preparations. Consider going live during the event to increase engagement.

Broadcast Specials

Short videos are a perfect platform to show off specials. For weekly specials, a single video can be reused each week to stay top of mind to your followers.

Go to the Source

Do you locally source your ingredients or supplies? That’s a perfect opportunity to showcase those partnerships. Ask if your vendors will allow you to give a behind-the-scenes look at their operations as a cross-marketing opportunity.


Even a simple giveaway of branded merchandise or a meal can be a fun way to boost followers. Have users tag your restaurant in a post and select a winner. Just be sure to check your state’s laws surrounding sweepstakes first.

Put Your Staff Front and Center

They do not have to be influencers to be your strongest marketing asset. Show off any special skills they have, even if it’s completely unrelated to restaurants or food. Customers will appreciate a personal connection to your brand or location. TikTok trends rise and fall fast, so crowdsource content ideas from staff.

Find Passionate Restaurant Managers

Keeping up with marketing trends, especially on social media, can be overwhelming for already busy restaurant operators. Contact us today to see how our Restaurant Recruiters can help you find the creative talent to handle your restaurant’s marketing needs.



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