How COVID and Baby-Boomers Have Changed Senior Living Dining

Dining operations in Senior Living Communities made drastic changes during COVID. But it turns out that many of these changes worked well for the newest generation of residents: Baby Boomers. This group is in tune with technology, has a busy lifestyle, and enjoys new culinary experiences.

Here are some dining trends that were initially meant to be temporary but will probably stay for good in senior living communities:

Grab-and-Go is Here to Stay

During the pandemic, grab-and-go options not only helped with distancing but also took the pressure off of scarce staff. Now, it seems to perfectly suit the newest generation of residents’ more active lifestyles. Boomers enjoy the convenience of having food options outside of regular restaurant hours or that can be taken with them as they head out the door.

Outdoor Dining

Alfresco dining was a perfect solution for many COVID risks involved in communal dining. Facilities made physical changes to make the most of the fresh air and extra space to spread out.
Now, outdoor dining remains popular among residents. When climate allows, communities have made those changes permanent, and new builds heavily feature access to outdoor spaces.

Communities are Catching Up to Technology

When facilities locked down during COVID, operators scrambled to find ways to keep residents connected with family. The adoption of communication tech opened the door for dining to begin updating too. Younger residents are comfortable with technology and online ordering options work well with their active lifestyles.

More Variety

The newest generation of residents is familiar with, and enjoys, a much wider variety of foods. This gives kitchen management in senior living facilities more flexibility to navigate disrupted supply chains. However, this has also meant that chefs must incorporate more types of food trends into their menu than in the past.

Find New Senior Living Culinary Talent

Senior Living facilities have unique food service needs. Facilities need culinary and operational talent who can keep up with the trends and streamline operations. Our Senior Living recruiters know where to look to find the right professionals for the job. Let us show you how!



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