Personal Connections Will Make or Break Staffing Success

The hospitality industry is full of extremely passionate workers. But, with all that the industry has gone through in the last few years, finding these candidates can be difficult. Then once they have been identified, employers must then find a way to connect with them on a personal level. Here are a few ways hospitality companies can build candidate relationships that will convert them into loyal employees:

Let Candidates Peek Behind the Curtain

Some of the strongest candidates for many hospitality roles come from other industries. However, they may feel hesitant to jump blindly into something new. Set up times for them to meet with as many team members as possible so they can get a feel for the dynamics. Allow them to job shadow onsite for a day to understand the ups and downs of the business.

Go the Extra Mile for Star Candidates

It is a candidate’s market, and the smallest obstacle can make them reconsider their application. Learn what they truly want from their next employer, and if there are any hurdles the company can help them overcome.

For example, a candidate may have to relocate but also has a family member requiring special care. Companies can research local resources for them or offer to help cover extra costs (if not already covered by insurance). These extra efforts tell a candidate that the company will do more than support their employees on the job – they support them as people. This is a huge selling point in an industry that can be draining.

Don’t Forget About the People You Don’t Hire

Someone you reject today might be the perfect fit for your next hiring need. Do not permanently write off rejected candidates and assume they are not interested in future opportunities. Take extra steps to make sure they walk away from the hiring process with the best impression of your company.

Have a plan for gently rejecting candidates that includes an opportunity to learn why it was not a good fit and a commitment to keep in touch. Not only does this keep them open to future opportunities but helps your employer brand when they inevitably share their experience with colleagues.

Nurture Loyalty Past Recruitment

Create an onboarding program that involves lots of personalized education and one-on-one connection. Understand your new hire’s career goals. Tailor their onboarding to not only meet the needs of their current role but set them up for long-term career success.

Partner with Recruitment Experts

Creating relationships with candidates can be tough when you are struggling to get applicants in the first place. Our recruiters can find the most qualified candidates, letting you focus on getting to know your future employees. Contact us to learn more.



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