How Community Involvement Can Strengthen a Private Club’s Brand

While private clubs may have been founded on principles of exclusivity, today’s members may be looking for something else – a connection to a community. Private clubs exploring ways to strengthen their brand might consider investing time and energy into greater community involvement. Here are some top reasons for a private club to expand its community involvement:

Learn What is Important to Your Team

Many charities will actively approach organizations like private clubs for support. But take an opportunity to learn what is important to your own team. What community programs are they involved in that could use more support? What causes are they directly affected by? What charities are they already involved in?

You might not be able to help everyone’s cause, but companies who show social responsibility consistently see better engagement and satisfaction from employees.

Engage Members with Philanthropy

Your members will also enjoy a chance to get involved with their community. You might be surprised not only by their willingness to give back but the unique skillsets they can contribute. For example, members might be willing to donate more than just money to a scholarship foundation – they could contribute their professional expertise to a mentorship program. Acting as an outlet for philanthropic endeavors like these creates another element of community within your club membership.

Showcase Your Club’s Amenities

Private clubs are perfectly equipped for many fundraising events like galas, sports tournaments, auctions, or item drives. These events are opportunities for non-members to get a glimpse at all that your club can offer. Golf fundraisers can expose a variety of new players to your course. Galas can show off your food and beverage facilities to guests who might not have considered joining a club before.

Strengthen Your Employer Status

The newest generations entering the workforce today place high importance on company values. When a candidate researches a potential employer, they will want to see an investment in a cause. Community involvement demonstrates a commitment to being a responsible employer. In addition, it creates more brand recognition for your club among job seekers.

Find Inspiring Managers for Your Team

Your club will only feel the benefits of community involvement if there is authentic team engagement. For that, you need leaders who can inspire and motivate. The private club recruiters at Horizon Hospitality specialize in finding the top private club management talent to lead your team. Contact us today to learn how.



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