Should You Trust Glassdoor Reviews?

Over half of job seekers say that company culture is just as important as pay when considering a career change. So it is understandable that Glassdoor is one of the first places a candidate checks when applying for a job at a hospitality company. Although it can be a great starting point when researching a potential employer, reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. Much like consumer review sites like Yelp, Glassdoor can be ripe with unverified or exaggerated responses. Here are five other ways you can get to know a hospitality employer’s culture:

Do Some Digging

Glassdoor is still an excellent place to start when researching companies online. Just be sure to check other sites for inconsistent information. Many job boards also post reviews from employees. Check the company’s website for mission statements. See what their reputation is like on consumer review sites as well. If one site has abnormal ratings (good or bad), that might signal false reviews. Information from multiple sources gives you the most well-rounded picture.

Be a Fly On the Wall

The best time to check out workplace culture is when nobody is expecting you. Get to your interview a few minutes early to observe the front-of-house employee interactions. Do you see collaboration, smiles, and positive energy? Or does everybody seem to be running on autopilot? Better yet, get an idea of how they treat customers by being one yourself and performing a “secret shop.”

Ask the Right Questions

Be sure to address work culture during your interview. However, vague questions like, “What is the work culture like here?” may not produce helpful information. Ask yourself what is important to you in an employer and prepare specific questions like:

  • What is the work-life balance like?
  • What kinds of people tend to succeed here?
  • How are employees recognized for efforts?

Consider Asking For References

Candidates are not the only ones who benefit from having references. Consider asking an interviewer for the opportunity to talk with some current employees about their work experiences. Ideally, you would be able to talk to those working directly under your potential supervisor. Most employers are not used to the idea of providing references, so only ask if you see any red flags in your research.

Make Use of Your Recruiters

The decision to join a new company can be an overwhelming one. You will want to have every resource possible to make the best decision. When you work with the hospitality recruiters at Horizon Hospitality, you will have a partner who can help you decide if a career opportunity is right for you. Check out all of our current opportunities here.



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