Four Surprising Ways Restaurant Loyalty Programs Are A Win-Win

For decades, the loyalty program has been a tried-and-true marketing tactic for the restaurant industry. But loyalty programs have evolved far beyond the simple punch card. With a bit of data management and creativity, restaurants can attract new customers, and existing customers can receive more meaningful perks. Here is how loyalty programs are truly a win-win for today’s restaurant industry:

Creates Personalized Experiences

The best part about loyalty programs is the opportunity for restaurants to get to know their customers. Tracking loyalty members’ patterns allows restaurant leaders to segment customers. For example, some diners might not like to fill up on appetizers. While a free app will not get them excited, but a second entrée with purchase might. This small detail can make all the difference in encouraging repeat business.

Goes Hand in Hand with Intelligent Ordering

Consumers have come to expect, and even prefer, engaging with restaurants through phone apps. If a restaurant opts for a loyalty app, that goes hand in hand with streamlining the ordering process. Regular diners often have a favorite dish that can be ordered time and again with a single click. Based on past orders, apps can suggest sides and beverages that complete the meal. This removes as many barriers as possible to repeat business and helps incremental sales.

Keeps Customers in the Know

In a recent survey by Square, a majority of restaurants are planning special events, merchandise, or new menus items to diversify revenue. Loyalty programs provide a channel for restaurants to stay at the top of diners’ minds. By bringing loyalty members into the loop first, restaurants can make them feel like VIPs.

Opens Partnership Opportunities

Some of the best restaurant loyalty programs work because they are not limited to restaurant rewards. Partnering with businesses outside the restaurant industry can open opportunities to attract new customers. Is a restaurant popular with college students? Let diners rack up points they can use at a nearby bookstore. The perks can flow either way and the opportunities are endless.

Creativity is Key

The best part about loyalty programs is that they create fresh ways for restaurants to engage with customers. Restaurants need leaders with the creativity and skill to execute successful loyalty programs. Our restaurant recruiters can find that management talent. Contact us today to learn how.



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