How to Tell if a Candidate is Cut Out for Property Management

Working in property management can be extremely rewarding, both professionally and financially, which has made it a popular industry for those seeking a new career direction. But if a candidate does not have the required organization, attention to detail, or patience, they will not last long. So how can property management companies figure out which candidates have what it takes to succeed?

Ask the Right Questions

Much of the job deals with challenging situations that require quick problem solving, so make sure your interview questions focus on those scenarios. Present the candidates with specific situations common for your properties and tenants and ask how they would respond. Behavioral interview questions like these can reveal how candidates think on their feet and handle stress.

Don’t Skip References

References are a sorely underutilized resource during the hiring process. They can be a gold mine for quality information if you ask the right questions. Prepare a set of questions to ask each reference and look for consistent answers. Here are some examples:

  • How do they respond to criticism?
  • What sets them apart from others?
  • How are their organizational skills?

Also, candidates will probably only provide references that are ready to sing their praises. To get a more realistic picture, be sure to ask for what quality the candidate could improve on.

Give Them a Taste

If the candidate has never worked in property management before, give them a peek at what a day is like. Pair them with an experienced team member and let them see what it takes to be successful daily. The last thing you want is for a new hire to decide it is not their cup of tea after they have already been onboarded.

Talent Assessments

If you are looking for a more scientific approach, consider using talent and motivator assessments. These can drill down to what makes a candidate tick and assess soft skills like problem solving and communication.

Bring in the Experts

When short-staffed and pressed for time, it can be tempting to cut corners and hire the first promising candidate you interview. Partnering with experienced property management recruiters can not only save you time, but you can know that every candidate you hire has been properly vetted and is the right fit for your company. Contact us and learn how today.



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