The To-Go Cocktail Trend is Here to Stay

One positive development for the restaurant industry last year was that many states lifted restrictions for off-premise alcohol sales. While this was a short-term fix meant to help restaurants recoup some lost income during COVID, the change seems to be permanent in some places as the pandemic subsides. And since take-out ordering remains popular, restaurant bars could be busier than ever. Check out some fun ways that restaurants can step up their to-go beverage game:

Make it Party Ready

Now that the CDC has given the green light for those vaccinated to gather, people are ready to entertain. Create cocktails that can be easily mixed up in large batches and served for a crowd at home. Help customers throw an even classier event by providing some simple garnishes to use once they get home.

Mix In Some Education

Chances are that people would love to learn how to make cocktails at home, but are not sure where to start. Or they might not want to hunt down obscure liqueurs or mixers. Let your bartenders provide the know-how and the ingredients for a few signature cocktails. You can even provide some history on the drink or even the featured ingredient.

Pair with Your To-go Menu

Just because someone might be taking their order to-go, your restaurant can still help them have an elevated culinary experience at home. Empower your staff to suggest wines and beers that pair well when they take phone orders. If your restaurant can take orders online, make the suggestions directly on the to-go menu.

Hop on the Grocerant Trend

Grocery stores have been making moves into the restaurant industry for a few years now. Depending on a state’s liquor laws, restaurants can turn that on its head and provide basic beverage supplies for to-go orders. Let them pick up a six-pack of beer to go with their order of wings. Or a bottle of wine to pair with their pasta. Restaurants could provide a small selection of items like bottle openers or garnishes.

No Alcohol? No Problem

Are you operating in a state that does not allow alcohol to leave the premises? Mix up cocktails with everything but the alcohol. Provide instructions for diners to add in their favorite spirits at home.

Employ the Best Food and Beverage Talent

The trends and laws surrounding the beverage industry are changing rapidly. While liquor laws can sometimes be tricky to navigate, the right restaurant leaders can steer your business away from trouble. Learn how our restaurant recruiters can help you find innovative food and beverage professionals that can keep up with it all. Contact us today!



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