Not Enough Hours in the Day: How to Recruit While Running a Restaurant

Most restaurant managers have experienced this vicious cycle: When a restaurant is short-staffed, management takes on extra roles. With the extra workload, there is not enough time to recruit and hire help. Without an HR or recruiting role on the team, the pattern is all too familiar. But with some smart adjustments to the recruiting process, managers can break the cycle and get back to business.

Beef Up Your Online Presence

It takes more than a “help wanted” sign in the window to attract today’s job seekers. They are hunting for opportunities online, so restaurants need a strong virtual presence. Taking advantage of a free company page on Linkedin lends credibility to your employer brand. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are also great places to display your company culture and give candidates an idea of your work culture.

Have a Game Plan

Don’t let your top candidates fall through the cracks. Candidates will quickly lose interest if the interview process is disjointed. Put your best foot forward and have clear job descriptions, experience requirements, and interview processes established upfront. Having these details hammered out before reviewing applications will prevent you from wasting time interviewing unqualified candidates and losing out on star talent.

Automate Like a Pro

Your time is valuable. Spend it speaking to your candidates, not hunting down information, or trying to schedule interviews. The easier it is to apply, the more likely it is that you get qualifying information upfront. Add a careers page to your website where candidates can send in their resumes. Consider sponsoring your opening on a job board like Indeed to efficiently get exposure and bring in applications (most platforms will send applications right to your email). There are also a variety of apps that can be used to schedule interviews, meaning less time playing telephone tag to get candidates on your schedule.

Get Your Team on the Same Page

When you are short on time and candidates, your current employees can be a lifeline. Have a referral process that makes it easy for employees to lead candidates your way. Make sure they understand the required qualifications and application process so that everybody is on the same page. Create excitement around the referral process by providing substantial bonuses when a referred candidate is hired.

Ask for Help When You Need It

If you are still struggling to hire quality restaurant management, consider getting help from recruiting professionals. Contact us to learn how our Restaurant Recruiters can help.



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