The Newest Wave of Private Club Members

Despite widespread temporary shutdowns and social distancing measures, country clubs saw a rise in membership in 2020. People were desperate for anything to do outside of their homes, and private clubs provided a perfect escape. Now that life is beginning to look somewhat normal again, and members can go back to many of their pre-COVID activities, will the private club boom continue? How will private clubs keep this newest group of members? Here are three things club operators should keep in mind:

They Are Picking Up New Hobbies

During the pandemic, people found themselves with a surplus of free time. Once clubs opened back up, June of 2020 saw a 20 percent increase in rounds. Not only did experienced players play more, but new golfers picked up the sport. This phenomenon applied to racquet sports as well. But there are public courses and courts everywhere, so people will need a reason to keep coming back to private clubs. Providing quality facilities and sports professionals makes a private club a more appealing place to play than public facilities.

They Are Busy

Gone are the days when going to the country club was an all-day event. Nine-hole rounds have risen in popularity, meaning guests are looking to squeeze golf into their busy day. Clubs should offer a variety of shorter activities and at more convenient hours. This also applies to changing dining habits at clubs. The Sunday buffet is being replaced with grab-and-go options, as well as more casual dining venues. Simply put, members are not looking to be tied up at the club all day.

They Want to Keep their Options Open

Whether it be the golf course, fitness center, or restaurant bar, the newest members are probably only interested in a handful of club amenities. They want to have membership options that suit their specific needs. Full membership may not be appealing. Give members a variety of packages and membership options to choose from, including month-to-month packages, trial memberships, or amenity-specific memberships.

Understand Their Needs

The pandemic renewed interest in country clubs, but it is up to management to understand how to keep their newest members’ interest. Learn how a specialized country club recruiter can find experienced management who can grow and maintain your club’s membership. Contact us today!



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