How Private Clubs Can Capitalize on the 2020 Golf Boom

appeal to new golf players to capitalize on 2020 golf boom

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have found themselves unable to participate in some of their favorite recreational sports. But one pastime that has proven itself relatively unaffected by restrictions and social distancing measures has been golf, even seeing a 14% increase in rounds played this past summer. This renewed interest could prove a boon for private clubs currently struggling to draw new members. Here are a few ways private clubs can build on the 2020 golf boom and attract the newest wave of golf enthusiast:

Appeal to All Experience Levels

Everybody must start somewhere. Newcomers and even players returning from a hiatus are still just getting comfortable on the courses. Make sure your entire staff, from the golf pro to the cart attendants, is ready to educate and offer guidance. Consider offering a variety of lesson formats to cater to all levels of players, from in-depth one on one sessions for first-timers to quick refreshers for returning players just trying to shake off the cobwebs. Don’t forget about the kids either; summer camps can be a great way to give younger generations a passion for the game early on.

Highlight Your Amenities

For many players just beginning, the casual environment of public courses can be less intimidating. They may view private clubs as stuffy and requiring too much commitment. Utilize the clubhouse and facilities to your advantage and create new member welcome events and mixers. To further set yourself apart from public courses, feature your facilities, superior course maintenance, and lack of overcrowding. For golfers with families (who may feel guilty about spending too much time on the course), showcase your club’s family-friendly activities that provide the whole family with a day of fun.

Shape Food and Beverage to the Game

Do your food and beverage operations cater to the golf centered member? Consider offering quick breakfast options for the early tee times, such as a snack bar offering prepackaged breakfast items like sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, or smoothies. This could also be a great option for golfers later in the day who just like to have a snack on hand while on the course. Consider offering mobile ordering at your club’s restaurant as well. That way, golfers can place an order during play and have a hot meal ready as soon as they step off the green.

Flexible Memberships

While more people are getting excited about golf, they still might be hesitant to commit to a full membership. Consider offering specialized membership options like pay as you play (which can also serve as a trial for those wanting to try out your course). Other alternative options like seasonal memberships or monthly memberships can also appeal to players who know that their schedules simply won’t allow them to make use of the membership consistently. As players gain exposure to your amenities, they may begin to recognize the benefits of a full-time membership.

Find the Top Private Club Management Talent

What truly sets private clubs apart from other golfing facilities is the hospitality provided by staff. Our experienced Private Club Recruiters can find the top management talent in the industry, from Golf Pros to Membership Directors, to attract all levels of golfers to your club. Contact us today to learn how.



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