Creative Carry-Out Options to Reach All Ages

No matter how many precautions a restaurant takes when reopening dining rooms during COVID-19, many families are still not quite ready to dine-in. Instead of relying solely on standard to-go orders and limited capacity dining rooms, how else can restaurants appeal to diners of all ages who miss the excitement of going to a restaurant?

Consider some of these creative options to cater to customers looking to mix up their carry-out routine:

Let the Kids Help

Most youth programming has been closed all summer, leaving many parents desperate for new ways to keep their children engaged. So why not help them out? Create easy to assemble kits for pizzas, burgers, tacos and even desserts like sundaes and cupcakes to break up the dinnertime routine for families. But be sure to provide adequate instructions to ensure the final product reflects your restaurant’s standards.

Create a Culinary Experience

Many diners miss being able to make mealtime a special experience. To give guests an evening of foodie fun, Work with your Chef to host a virtual cooking class through YouTube or Facebook Live to teach people how to create popular dishes on your menu. Send the raw ingredients home with diners and let them flex their own culinary skills.

Feed the Whole Family

For large families, trying to get everyone to decide on their order can be an ordeal. Help simplify dinner time with family-style meals, complete with appetizers, main course, and dessert. Not only can this be a more cost-effective option for your customers, but it can also greatly reduce food waste for your operations.

Bring Back Happy Hour

For those millennials who are used to going to happy hour with friends, bring the bar to them. Many states are loosening off-premises liquor laws to help restaurants recoup some lost revenue. So, restaurants can let customers take home pre-mixed signature cocktails and include specialty garnishes to add flair. You can even consider bundling these with appetizer specials for a complete post-work happy hour experience.

Find Experienced Restaurant Managers

To stay flexible through changing times, your management and culinary staff must have the creativity and resilience to adapt. The restaurant recruiters at Horizon Hospitality can help your restaurant find the top management talent in the industry. Contact us today to get started.



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