How Can Interim Management Help in a Senior Living Facility?


One of the most challenging factors in managing a senior living facility is the ongoing uncertainty, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In senior living facilities, they are facing challenging times the most uncertainty they’ve seen in years, possibly ever. Will the resident population grow or shrink? Can you find the people you need to keep your facility fully staffed if healthcare challenges rapidly take place? Do you have the resources you need to avoid business disruptions due to coronavirus?

Interim Management may be the answer.

Test a Candidate on Site

Interim management can allow you to test a candidate in the role to be sure they are the right fit before extending an offer. A temporary assignment can act as an extended interview process and performance assessment — for both the candidate and the company

Leverage Interim Expertise

Some managers prefer to move from one location to another. If you have a management role to fill, an interim manager can keep your facility moving along seamlessly while you conduct your talent search. You might not be ready to hire full-time in this area and just need their expertise for a short period of time.

Account for Population Variance

If your resident population is on the rise, you can add interim managers to lead your growing team without being faced with layoffs if the census later drops. Meeting requirements for staff ratios is obviously essential. Adding an interim senior living manager allows you to quickly and legally meet any regulations.

Avoid Talent Gaps

Interim managers are especially helpful when you need a quick turnaround because you can quickly get someone in place.

Ramp Up Quickly

If you have temporary needs for increased staff, such as when you are adding a new branch, onboarding additional employees, or actively marketing to gain new business, an experienced, motivated manager can step as needed without adding to the full-time team.

Increase Confidence

Interim Senior Living managers can add stability and experience on-demand, your employees, residents, and their families will have confidence that they have selected the right facility. Management changes lead to uncertainty and hurts overall staff performance. Keeping your team assured that you have a plan will put everyone at ease and lead to strong, continued care of the senior living facility’s residents.

Work with a Senior Living Interim Management Recruiter

Horizon Hospitality recruiting experts will manage the entire recruitment process for you, from sourcing, to the screening and then to the offer. We can quickly get a qualified manager in place for your senior living facility, so there is never a continuity gap. Our unique benefits revolve around our team being experts not only in senior living recruitment but also in offering an interim solution as well! Contact us today to get started.



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