How Are Changing Dining Trends Affecting the Country Club?


Today’s club members are likely to have a much different attitude than those in previous decades. Country clubs were once primarily the purview of men only who might bring their wives and children in for tennis lessons or a family dinner (dressed up, of course). The atmosphere was one of dark wood, leather chairs, accompanied by cigars and lavish meals.

Modern clubs are more inclusive, or they need to be if they want to survive. Both men and women are movers and shakers now. Country clubs market themselves as a place to network or take a break from the outside world. Lifestyles are different now – people welcome foods from different cultures. They are less likely to sit down for a multi-course meal. They prefer bringing spouses or children along. Family time is often limited. To attract this kind of member, here are a few dining ideas to try.

Casual dining options 

Add a café to provide lattes, cappuccinos, and light meals or snacks. People are more likely to view your club as a frequent place to visit if they can grab a quick breakfast or lunch. They might not want to take the time to sit down for a big meal, but they might enjoy meeting a client for a cup of coffee and a sandwich or salad. When so many work remotely, having a beautiful place to act as your home turf can be an asset.

Add kid-friendly dishes to the menu. As much as parents might try to expand their children’s palates, sometimes chicken fingers are the only way to go. Add a children’s menu to your options so members can bring their kids along for family time.

Multicultural foods 

Incorporate the latest dining trends such as farm to table, Asian fusion, or whatever is currently trending. Your chef is willing to experiment with different cuisines, and your diners may enjoy it. The best way to incorporate these kinds of meals is by running specials. See what goes over well with your members and add those options to your core menu. That way, your regulars get the standards they enjoy, and your more adventurous members can experiment as much as they like.

Don’t be afraid to be creative

If you innovate in the meals that you provide and the way you offer them, you are more likely to attract the younger clientele that you’ll need to keep your club thriving. If those in the peak of their earning years consider your country club to be more focused on the needs of their fathers or even grandfathers, they’ll find other places to network and spend their leisure time.

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