Does Your Hospitality Company Have an Employee Value Proposition?


You have likely given a lot of thought to how your brand is viewed in the marketplace. You work to establish a brand that defines your company and take steps to ensure it is presented consistently, from how your logo is designed to the way you present yourself to the community and your guests. But what about your employees?

Consider the value you offer to your employees and potential employees. 

Engaged employees will identify with your brand. Your reputation is theirs. If it is perceived positively in the community or industry, they will make efforts to uphold it and refer friends to work there or as diners or guests. If your company has a poor reputation for quality and service, they are more likely to look for a new opportunity.

Employees who are confident in your company will stick with you through thick and thin. They will turn to you first when they look to advance their careers and even defend the organization in times of controversy.

Be sure your employees are heard.

Of course, you want customers to be happy, but give your employees the benefit of the doubt if a problem arises. If you take the time to hear their side of the story when a customer registers a complaint, they will feel more like you are on the same team.

Make your employees proud. 

Compensation and benefits are important, but people want to believe that their work has meaning, that they are part of something larger than themselves. Discuss and reinforce your company’s mission and act on it. Inspire people to be their best every day. Share your company’s values and goals regularly to encourage each person to work toward them.

Focus on retention.

If one of your employees were to receive an offer for a competitor, what would make them turn it down? What do you offer that your competitors cannot? What value do you offer that makes working for your company part of their identity?

Consider instituting or expanding existing programs or philosophies such as:

  • Professional development and training programs
  • High-quality working conditions
  • Flexible hours or shifts
  • Collaborative environment

A significant part of creating employee value is ensuring the right management is in place. If you promote an employee to a management position, be sure they receive proper training on how to best work with direct reports. They need to be able to motivate them and boost morale.

Recruit inspiring leaders

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