What Does Your Country Club Need to Attract the Modern Family as New Members?


Families have changed throughout the years. Parents are more engaged and likely to prioritize family time. Typically, they no longer leave the kids home while parents go to the club. This can be attributed to the growth of families where both parents work and share more equally the joys and responsibilities of raising their children. But that doesn’t mean they want to spend all their time at home. It just means that they tend to look for family activities – things the whole family can do together in their limited time outside work.

To continue to grow your country club in 2020 and beyond, focus on these three options to appeal to your next members.

Add family activities

Consider activities and events that will keep all ages engaged. For example, you can have costume parties at Halloween with crafts and activities. When different holidays come along, have buffets that offer a combination of kid-friendly and adult-oriented dishes to keep all palates happy. Around busy holiday periods, parents will welcome a post-shopping event where they can relax and enjoy a nice meal rather than rushing to get something on the table. Even better if the club offers a sitter service so that parents can have an afternoon to themselves while their children are occupied.

Prioritize health and wellness

Try yoga or meditation classes for adult members or the whole family. Add some lighter options to the club menu. Families are moving away from a lot of the heavier foods that country clubs typically serve. People dine out more frequently today, so they are less likely to order the prime rib special occasion meals. Simpler meals and plant-based dishes may be appreciated, and members may dine at the club more frequently.

Trial memberships

People who were not raised as members of a country club may not know what membership offers or what makes it worth the investment. If you let them try it out to get a feel for it and get comfortable there, they are more likely to join after the trial period than people who go in blind. Give them full run of the club for a limited period and let them fall in love with your club.

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