Long-Term Restaurant Trends to Start Implementing in 2020


Big changes are coming up in the restaurant industry in the next ten years. Why not get ahead of the curve and begin implementing them now? The last ten years have seen both low tech and high-tech innovations. On the one hand, diners looked for locally sourced, organic and plant-based meals. A trend on the opposite end of the spectrum is the ability to order and pay for meals at the table with minimal server interaction. Delivery was on the rise and restaurants made an effort to accommodate food allergies, sensitivities and preferences.

What can we expect in the next ten? Here are just a few trends to watch for.

More Nesting

Increasingly, restaurant customers prefer to dine at home. That doesn’t necessarily mean they want to cook more. Why not pair some of your dishes with movies and shows on Amazon/Netflix or HBO to create the ultimate night-in experience. Watch trends and see what you offer that can coordinate. For example, Indian food with a Bollywood hit or Southern fare with a more down-home film.

More Health Focus

As the population ages and diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease continue to rise, doctors will “prescribe” a diet that will help to prevent and mitigate the effects of these illnesses. That doesn’t mean that diners want bland, uninteresting meals. If your restaurants can provide meals that can accommodate these diets without sacrificing flavor, you will attract a wide range of health-conscious diners to your restaurant. From limiting sugar and salt to customizing on even genetic levels, targeted prescription meals are a trend to watch.

Third Space Restaurants

The latter half of the last decade has seen a rise in dining spaces with community seating such as beer gardens and food halls. These spaces are being viewed as a third space between home and office where people can enjoy a meal and each other’s company. While people enjoy time at home, they also enjoy socializing with friends, co-workers, and even strangers in this flexible environment. It’s also a great way to accommodate a variety of food preferences or restrictions without needing to find a single restaurant that will make everyone happy.

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