How Is Domino’s Changing Delivery?


Just a few years ago, Domino’s Pizza business was suffering. Sales were down. Customers were complaining about the quality of the pizza. It seemed virtually impossible that the company could recover from these setbacks and their negative perception in the market. That is up until their new CEO, Patrick Doyle, joined the company. He is a true innovator who is constantly reinventing the pizza delivery business.

What can your restaurant take away and learn from Doyle’s strategy and tactics?

Boosting pizza quality

The first line of attack understood the problems with the product. Domino’s surveyed its customers to learn where they were failing. Once they understood these problems with quality and taste and corrected them, they moved onto the delivery part of the business. When customers have multiple options, quality is important.

Focus on technology

According to Patrick Doyle, Domino’s is in the technology business as much as the pizza business, with half of the employees working at headquarters working in software and analytics. This is has led to many innovations in how Domino’s takes orders and how they deliver them. By changing the mindset from just pizza to focusing on technology, new ideas start flowing.

Innovative delivery

One of the first changes was the DXP, launched in 2015. The DXP was a Chevy Spark modified to store as many as 80 pizzas at a time while keeping them hot. Since then, Domino’s has gone on to test autonomous vehicles and even bicycle delivery. These robot vehicles were developed in part because of a shortage of drivers driven by third-party apps. They are about the size of a golf cart and can operate a full day without a recharge. The addition of motorized bicycles (e-bicycles) allows Domino’s pizzas to be delivered in tight quarters or beat traffic, and also employ people who do not have driver’s licenses.

New ways to order

Customers can place orders by adding their Twitter handle to their Domino’s Pizza Profile and can then tweet #EasyOrder or the pizza emoji to @dominos. They will receive an automated confirmation DM before the order is processed. Voice ordering is now available as well, through Alexa, Google Home, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Apple Watch, Smart TVs, and Ford cars.

Accurate order tracking

Domino’s has developed its own GPS, which allows customers to track where their order is in the delivery process much like they would an Uber. It also allows Domino’s stores to schedule deliveries more effectively by viewing real-time driver data and location.

Keep up with the latest

Domino’s is not the only business remaining up to date with innovations in the restaurant industry. The restaurant recruitment experts at Horizon Hospitality can help you recruit forward-thinking restaurant managers and executives to keep your business ahead of the competition. Contact us today to learn more.




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