Where Is the Future of Senior Living Going in 2020 and Beyond?

What happens when the “me generation” enters senior living? They expect a lot more from providers and properties. Many boomers are fresh off caring for their aging parents and have seen how difficult it was for everyone involved, particularly for those “silent generation” members who were reluctant to leave the homes they worked so hard to pay off and maintain. They saw firsthand the challenges of remaining in their homes safely, but have no interest in entering what they may think of as the “old folk’s home.” After all, they think of themselves as perennially young.  

What can Senior Living Offer? 

Senior living centers will need to accommodate the changing needs of seniors as well as how boomers view themselves. Many of them may have developed hobbies and interests that they may want to extend into their later years. 

Staying Active 

Todays seniors want more than chair yoga. Light exercise is great for keeping those with limited mobility happy, but many seek more challenging activities like golf, tennis, or jogging. Offer classes that accommodate a range of abilities, weights for strength training, and cardio machines. If you have space, a walking path or track will be a welcome addition. Provide benches along the way in case walkers or runners need to take a break. Consider installing an alert system similar to those located on college campuses, so they can call for help if needed.  

Focus on Wellness 

Seniors can remain healthier longer by focusing on wellness. Offer classes or one-on-one coaching on healthy diets and cooking, discuss steps to aging gracefully, such as maintaining strength, flexibility, and balance. Discuss or provide alternative options such as acupuncture, meditation or yoga to further enhance wellness.  

Family Friendly 

Seniors don’t want to leave their families behind. Increasingly they are pitching in with childcare as daycare grows increasingly out of reach for many workers. Sure, some seniors prefer the peace and quiet of a child-free existence, but if you can set aside an area where children are welcome, you may attract a wider range of clientele. 

Longer Hours 

Tomorrow’s seniors are as likely to be night owls as early birds. Consider evening hours for those who may prefer activities such as concerts, dances, and wine bars as much as they may enjoy an afternoon craft hour or a morning chat over coffee. People are living longer and healthier. They are vital and active. Many of them may be working at least a few hours a week but may welcome some afterhours socializing with their peers.  

Partner With a Specialized Hospitality Recruiter  

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