Off-site Trips to Plan for Senior Living Communities


Just because individuals are part of an aging population doesn’t mean that they are ready to spend their days in a recliner. Seniors in good health often enjoy being active. Keep them engaged by providing a variety of options to accommodate different interests or abilitiesbut you might be surprised how many kinds of adventures seniors are eager to take on. Here are some popular options for your senior living community to try. 


Seniors might be willing and excited to volunteer in the community either using the skills that they gained during their careers or learning new ones. One of the best ways to keep the human brain healthy and vibrant is learning new thingsso give residents that opportunity. There are plenty of organizations and charities that can use help – often during the hours where younger people might be working.  


For many older people, retirement is the perfect time to take on new and exciting challenges. Accommodate this interest through a variety of local excursions that seniors may enjoy such as trips to museums, movies, and plays, but they may be ready to take on something more active such as kayaking, ballooning or skydiving 


Consider also travel opportunities. Some travel agents that focus on excursions for older travelers that may include bus accommodations or tours that consist of minimal walking that will make it easy for people to enjoy travel even if they can’t get around as well as they once could. 


Seniors who wish to stay fit may want to try low-impact options such as tai chi, yoga, or golf. Those looking for more vigorous activity might want to try tennis, biking or hiking to stay in shape. Consider your location when planning activities. Watch for overheating in warmer climates and avoid icy surfaces where it is cold.  

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